Martin Blanco

Digital and Traditional Artist


Born on 06/15/1974 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Martin Blanco is an internationally exhibited and awarded artist/freelance illustrator living in the Principality of Andorra, Europe with a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts.

Experimenting with different techniques and boundaries, Martin has developed his own style of creative narrative through digital arts by mixing photographic manipulation and digital painting.

He feels art is a way of pure and direct communication to the human spirit and focuses his attention on developing images, which convey feelings and emotion.
His dense and uncomfortable environments are inspired by his adoration for “Terror” as a genre.

Martin has won 27 international awards, of which 9 are first prizes in several drawing and digital art contests worldwide.

He has been featured in numerous solo exhibitions in Argentina, Spain and Andorra and he has participated in several group and juried exhibitions, including shows in New York (Guggenheim Museum, MoMA Museum), Paris (Louvre Museum), London, Berlin, Los Angeles, Barcelona, Poland, Canada.

He has utilized his skills with pursuance to illustration and design in the entertainment, publishing and advertising industry. His work can be seen on book covers, music CDs, trading cards and Video game DVDs.


I understand art as a way of direct and pure communication.
My work is basically digital, with a style that develops a mixture of photographic manipulation and digital painting.
I have been exploring human nature and its weaknesses within the world we live in since 2008. Dreads, anguishes, anxieties, and everything else which conditions us as mortal beings we are. I am concerned in how societies relate with technology and how this technology establishes different levels of communication.
My work is essentially surrealistic, as a result of my study of Salvador Dali´s work.

In my compositions, the characters are usually surrounded by dense and uncomfortable environments, in which interplays of light and shadows and chromatic contrasts predominate, the former and the latter as a result of the huge influence that Michelangelo Buonarotti and Caravaggio´s creations have had in my work.

My speech has to be faithfully and accurately expressed, that is my main goal when I create. That is why I am not particularly worried about the representation of beauty in itself if it is not part of a specific meaning.

Recent Awards

2015 Award of Merit. “Hot topics – Bold expressions”. Manhattan Arts International.

2014 Award of Excellence. “Anything goes II”. Exhibitions without Walls Organization.

2013 Honorable Mention. “4th Art Contest”. Artavita Artist Community. USA.

2011 Third prize. “Who’s creative? 2. Art Creations Magazine. USA.
2011 Top 100 finalist. “International Art Search”. USA.
2011 Top 100. “International Charlatan Ink Prize”. USA.

2010 First Prize. “XVI Cartell Arts Andorra Painting Award”. Arts and Letters Circle. Andorra.
2010 First Prize.”Personality”. Caladan Gallery. Massachusetts, USA.
2010 Honorable Mention. “All Media Competition”. Artists Magazine. USA.

2008 First Prize.”Inner Noise”. Caladan Gallery. Massachusetts, USA.
2008 “Inspire the Inspired”. YayArt. Denmark.
2008 Honorable Mention. “Silos del siglo XXI”. Villacañas Council, Toledo, Spain.

2007 First Prize. Best Comic Book. New York Horror Film Festival. USA.


2016 “The importance of art education in young people”. La Llacuna Cultural Center. Andorra. 
2014 “Is Surrealism still valid?”
. Communal Library of Sant Julia de Loria. Andorra.
2010 “Times of crisis, times of changes”
. Credit Andorra Foundation. Andorra.


· Member of ARCA, Andorranian Asociation of Comics, Ilustration and Animation.
· Member of Hysterical Minds. Artist Collective.